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Vice, The God of Corruption 2 (Bio included)
Another picture of Vice made for me by SSJUzumakiCole, thank you very much :D

So, I'm going to try out a different way of writing up my oc's Bio, powers and such. Let me know what you think and if you think I should try make all my oc's Bios this way :D


Name: Vice

Race: Corrupter God ( click here to learn more about the race)

Spieces: Latest Generation (of Corrupter Gods )

Affliction: Good/ Chaotic Neatural

Age: Incomprehensible (Older than many universes)

Gender: Male (Can Make himself Female or Gendeless with shapeshifting abilities)

Height: 4' 4" (can alter his size)

Theme:… if the link doesn't work for you, the theme is "The Night" by Disturbed.

Vice's Interview:

Vice's human form:

Vice's True form (head shot only):

Incomprehensible physical power and speed: Vice is one of the strongest beings in existence. He can move millions apon millions of tines faster than Light amd is strong enough to easily defeat the strongest beings ever, example, Superman One Million.

Shapeshifting: Vice can alter his appearance and physiology to anything or anyone he wants. But anything he changes into will have something on them that's purple, be it his eyes, his hair, his clothes etc.

Incomprehensible Ki Manipulation: Vice can control his Ki better than most. He can make all sorts of enegry based attacks and can condescend great amounts of power into very small attacks.

Power control: Vice has a great deal of power control, but he does have limits to this control. For example, he cannot lower his power to lower than that of Kid Buu form DBZ. Kid Buu's power is as low as Vice can go, making stealth mission againest enemies who can sense enegry difficult. His power can also be used againest him, Vice needs to transform to be able to handle his power properly. If an enemy were to trap him in base form and make his power continue to rise, Vice would explode, but he would take whole existences with him (which as actually happened before)

Mastery and Perfection of Combat: Vice has learned, mastered and perfected all forms of combat know and unknown to man, beast, mortal, immortal, God and much more. He also adepts all his fighting styles to suit whatever form he is in.

Mental Manipulation: Vice can cause a person to see visions, dream, or halusnate. He can also trap a victim inside their own minds.

Power ups: Vice can give enegry to others to power them up greatly. He can also control the person he's powering up if he wishes.

Tattoo powers: After getting an upgrade from The Forge Master, Phozon, Vice gained Tattoos that gave him a large range of abilities and powers. These include, enegry nullification, emotion control, completely invinciblabilty (temperarey unless enraged) and much, much more.

He has many other Abilities as well. To state them all would take up too much space. I'll probably add more to the abilities list at another point of time. :)

Anything he can shapeshift into.
Battle Modes (Vice changing his body to better suit the situation or environment).
Pure Engry Mode (Vice becomes pure, living enegry).
Kaioken times Infinity (Self explanatory, can only be used right when in Pure Enegry Mode).
Postive Enegry Mode (Vice converts all his negative enegry into postive enegry).
Alpha Mode (Basically his own version of SSJ).
Beta Mode (Basically his own version of SSJ2).
Gamma Mode (Basically his own version of SSJ3).
Omega Mode (Basically his own version of SSJ4).
Tattoos active (Basically his own version of SSGOD).
All Tattoos active (Basically his own version of SSGSS).

Yes, Vice has alot of forms and I will explain them all in better detail, at another point in time. I also hope to upload pictures of each form as well. :)

Eclipse Cannon: Pulls his hand back and fires a large, black enegry blast of forward. It can be steered in different directions.

Sphere of Corruption: Vice creates a small enegry ball in between his hands and crushes it. He then lifts his hands over his head and let's the enegry flare out into a large, purple ball. He throws it at the enemy and it can be steered.

Orb of Deception: Vice creates a small purple and white enegry ball the size of an atom on his finger. He lifts his hand over his head and then flings it at the enemy. It's the easiest enegry attack to steer.

Dimension Jumping: Can jump from one reality to another.

Existence Phasing: Can phase in and out of Existence (move was created by Risedge).

Likes: His family, his friends, causing mischief, fighting, eating, playing games, streaking (yes that's right XD But only when drunk), messing with peoples heads.

Dislikes: Pure Evil, most of the voices in his head, Arrogant people, Cocky people, backstabbers.

Corrupter Armour: A powerful set of armour Vice found in his youth while exploring long dead Corrupter world. The suit was old and battered when Vice first got it, but it still made him stronger. It's on board A.I. system was slightly messed up, causingthe suit to shoot wildly from time to time. But after meeting Phozon The Forge Master, it was ungraded and completely fixed, making it much stronger and letting the A.I. work properly again.

Blades of Calamity: A powerful set of twin chain blades used by Vice in his youth. The blades change slightly depending on the user. He later began to use them again after meeting Phozon and having him upgrade it.

For Random Facts about Vice, go here:

Vice was a very.... unlucky child. He was born on the very day his race would be forced to the brink of extinction by all the other Gods. The other Gods, God of Destruction, Creation, Life, Space, Time and so much more types of Gods all wanted the Gods of Corruption dead. Why? Because they feared the Corrupters. Legends surrounding their race had made all the Gods tremble in fear. Legends of giant, powerful monsters ripping entire universes asunder for the enjoyment of it. But one God, a God of Destruction, had had enough. He would lead all the other races againest the Corrupters and slaughter them all, nothing would be left of them. Not even blood.

But there where those among the Gods who did not want to kill The Corrupters. Like the Gods of Death. The King of The Gods of Death sat in his throne and watched in horror as his Corrupter friends were slaughtered. He hide his children so they wouldn't see the Carnage. He felt helpless, a King of Gods and he couldn't do anything. If he fought for the Corrupters he'd be sending his own race to the grave. But there were other Gods besides the God of Death that wanted the Corrupters to live, one being the older brother of the God of Destruction who wished to kill all of them. The other being a young God of Desultation. They both wished to save the Corrupters from their fate... But you cant stop fate. By the time the two had made it to the Corrupters realms, the slaughter had already began.

Vice's parents lasted the longest againest the Gods onslaught. They were the strongest of the Corrupters and the most feared. With Vice's mother only just have had giving birth to him, she was weak, unable to fight, Vice's father had to defend them all. He was doing well, till some of the Gods back him into a corner. The God of Destruction that had started it all jumped down from the ceiling and drove a blessed sword straight through him, he faded into nothing before he hit the ground. The sword was blessed, it would erase any form of Corruption it touched, making it deadly to Vice's kind. All Vice's mother could do, was run.

She had managed to get far, but she had run into a dead end, she had reached the end of the Corrupter realm, no way back, no way out, and her husbands killer was closing in. The newborn Vice cried as the God approached, the blade hissing. Vice's mother covers her sons eyes and closed her own, waiting for the end. And then... a blade struck flesh.

Vice's mother opened her eyes, to see that the God in front of her impaled, by his own brother. The Elder God of Destruction helped her up and gave her hand to the God of Desultation, who was just behind him behind him. The God of Desultation teleported them all away, just as the hordes of Gods approached them, ready to kill. But there was a stroke of bad luck, among the Horde of Gods was a Rogue God of Death, with a bow in hand. He loaded it and launched the blessed arrow from it. It made contact.

The three Gods and the newborn appeared in an old, forgotten cave system. Far away form the other Gods. They though they had done it, they though they had escaped, alive, unharmed, they were wrong. Vice's mother looked it her leg, an arrow embedded it in, and she found herself turning to dust. She knew she would die, so she kissed her son one last time and handed him to the two Gods before her. They would be Vice's family now, his parents. And before the two could utter a word, she was gone. They looked to the child in their arms, he was crying. Taking care of a Corrupter God baby........ This was not going to be easy.

The two Gods took care of the child for many, many years, while they hoped form place to place, avoiding the Gods that still hunted the last God of Corruption. They though him all they knew, in hope that when the time came, he could defend himself. But unfortunately... The other Gods caught up to them. The two Gods had to think fast, they couldn't run or hide form them this time, they had to do something. If they didn't act soon, the last Corrupter would be dead and the race extinct. So they went to the last plan they had, they would hide him in one of the lesser universes. Disguise him as one of the natives of the universe, lock away his memories and powers so he couldn't be detected. They said goodbye to Vice, who didn't understand what was going on, by Corrupter God standards, he was still very young. Then they cased him into the lesser universe, memories and powers lock away.

It was not long after that that the other Gods caught up to Vice's adoptive parents. They tried to get the location of Vice out of them with every possible interigation technique they knew, it got them nowhere. The two said they would die before revealing Vice's location, and they did. The God's wanted to go through every lesser universe out there, but they couldn't, it was againest the laws, layed out by The Aspect Lords. So all they could do was wait till Vice reamerged, if he ever did.

The King of The Gods of Death searched high and low for Vice, hoping to find him before anyone else so he could keep him safe. He had been close friends with Vice's father after all and felt it was his duty to keep him safe.

Then, one day, Vice finally reappeared, and the Gods were ready to kill him, and Vice was ready to kill them, but The Aspect Lords intervened at the last second. They made a new law, to save the Corrupter God race, no God was to touch Vice. If a monster or otherworlder managed to kill him, then fair game, but otherwise, no, nothing could touch Vice and Vice couldn't touch another God, unless they attack him. Many attack him at different stages if his life.... but none stood a chance.

After Vice reamerged The King of The Gods of Death came to him and offered him a home in his Kingdom. Vice refused, he needed to make his own way in the Omniverse. But, he did come to like this Death God... And his children. His daughter had become Vice's closest friend and somewhat of a moral compass for him.

And so.... The Age of Vice had began, and he would enjoy Ever. Single. Second of it.


Voce belongs to me

Thanks for reading and please, tell me what you think :D
Just like all the other times,  don't expect Ace too act like her origanl self, beside that, enjoy :)

1. What is your name:
My name is Ace.

2. What is your real name:
I only ever had the one name.

3. Do you know why you were called that:
No idea, I think it's meant to be a pun on Cards or something...

4. Are you single or taken:
I am taken,  im in a relationship with a guy called Clay ;) (Clay is owned by Z-Shock)

5. Have you any powers or abilities:
I can warp reality and people's minds easily. I can also create armour around me and weapons as well, but I only got thst power recently.

6. Stop being a Mary Sue:
Just shut the fuck up.

7. Whats your eye colour:

8. What's your hair colour:

9. Have any family members:
Well, theirs my Mam, Raven, my dad, Vice, my older brothers, Cooler, Frieza, Broly and my little brother Profane. Then there's my older sister Yorda , my younger sister Iniquity and then my nephew Kuriza.

10. Oh what about pets:
Oh we have a Spinosaurs, a Dire Wolf, a Sabre Tooth Tiger and a Dragon, they all count Yeah?

11. Now tell me something you don't like:
I don't like people treating me like a kid, just because I'm one of the youngest in the family. And making me feel fragile. I hate that.

12. What hobbies do you have:
I like to mess around with my Reality warping powers and I love hanging out with our Tiger, he's so cute... And giant XD Oh an di like to mess with my sister sometime :D

13. Ever hurt anyone:

14. Every.... kill anyone:

15. What kind of animal are you:
I am a....... Hawk.

16. Name your worst habits:
Accidentally erasing people from existence..... yeah thats pretty bad... But don't worry I bring them back.... Well.... most of them anyway.

17. Do you look up to anyone:
I look up to my Mother :)

18. Gay, straight or bissexual:
I'm straight.

19. Do you have any fanboys/fangirls:
Id say I have a good few :D

20. What are you most afraid of:
Well I'm afraid of... Crowds. I hate crowds.

21. What are you wearing right now:
I wearing a swim suit, I'm going swimming soon XD

22. Do you love anyone:
..... MAYBE ;)

23. Do you want to tell me anything:
Ace: Yeah actuall- (a load splash is heard)


Cooler: DRIVING!!!

Broly:.... In a fucking swimming pool.

Cooler: YUP!!! XD

Ace: Ehhh.... Yeah I forgot what I was gonna say XD

Thank you for reading and please, tell em what you think :D




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